Scheherazade and My New Podcasts

Having spent most of the day trying to give Itunes an address of my podcast, I am somewhat exhausted.  What a complicated mess their web page is!  I would rather file my 1986 income taxes again than tackle their web pages once more.

The podcast is a series of stories I tell from my book “Four on the Floor.”  After I left industry, I spent a few years teaching math and science in public schools as a sub.  It was fun for me and the kids were generally great to work with.  There were times when the lesson was over and the bell had not rung.  I used those times to tell stories about my kids or my brothers, or exotic stories from science or history.

And kid love gore.  For instance, they loved to hear about the time my older brother blew his big toe off with a shotgun.  That was a gun safety story.  There was a reason for each of these tales.  Kids always want to know why you tell a story.

Of course, the kids asked me to write my stories (I suppose that was so they could tell them to their kids).  Eventually I did just that and now, nine books later, I’ve about decided to quit writing.  If you want to hear one of my stories you can go to the left side of this page to “Blog Roll” and click the words “Four on the Floor Podcasts.”   I am fortunate to have a son who can set these things up for me.

Scheherazade was the best story teller there ever was, with her Arabian Nights stories, much better than I.  But she was highly motivated.  My only motivation was to pass along the art of story telling to a bunch of kids, just to let them know there was something more interesting in life than TV.  I may have convinced a few.