General Morgan’s Legacy

How did Confederate General John Hunt Morgan escape from a Yankee prison in 1863? General Morgan’s Legacy tells that story and it also tells what happened to the people who helped him. That was Morgan’s legacy.

In modern times Stokely Towles, a businessman researched his Pryor ancestors and came across the true story of Morgan and his Captain Thomas H. Hines as they dug themselves out of an Ohio prison and headed back to Kentucky for help. They got the help and went on to fight Yankees another day.

As Stoke digs out the actual facts and sets up a business near Lexington, he runs into a problems with a Mexican coyote and a pretty young woman who was nearly beaten to death. Stoke and his girl-friend, Ari, are treated royally by the governor of the state while he is being stalked by a killer.

Wounded, Stoke takes time off from his busy schedule to complete the the story of the real reason his ancestor fled to Canada and came back after the Civil War as a Southern hero. He went on to become chief justice of the Kentucky State supreme court.

Please do not attempt to pay for this book in Confederate dollars.

General Morgan’s Legacy is a modern story of the Civil War. It was written for Civil War buffs and romance buffs at the same time. It is available from, Barnes and and all the other fine dot com book stores.

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