Four on the Floor

This is a collection of short stories mostly about family life that were originally told to seventh graders.  But I found adults were interested in them, too. The stories in Four on the Floor, second edition, were time fillers.  That is, when the lesson was over and the bell had not yet rung, the stories were offered to students to keep them quiet and in their seats.  They wanted to know why the stories were told, so a moral had to be invented for each one.  The stories are edifying as well as moral.

Yes, my brother really blew his toe off with a sixteen gauge shotgun, and he had “four on the floor” ever afterwards.  Yes, there was a day that the “Python Pooped” in class, and yes, my daughter Holly really broke the bones I mentioned in her story and she really had a huge needle in her foot.

Included also are stories about weird history and wacky science.  There are so many that I was able to include only those that had some relevance to our science lessons, but many more were possible.

There was a time in Arcadia, California when nearly every teenager knew several of these stories.  They told their parents and soon parents were asking for me to substitute in their children’s classes.  The moral of that story is that we need more story-tellers.

Long gone are the days when the early TV story tellers stood on their stages and launched forth on a saga or two about their personal lives, leaving their listeners with warm feeling for “Mama” and her wisdom.  Those people told about traditions and patriotism and customs that are seldom mentioned today.  We need more of them.  I attempted to fill that need.


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