The Courage Place

Taken from the files of the National Archives was the evidence of a conspiracy to murder anybody who stood in the way of the KuKluxKlan. Witnesses against the Klan had short life spans and so did judges and juries who attempted to find them guilty.

Even though the police, courts and newspapers were friendly to the Klan, James M. Walker, a white man, gamely tried to stop their killing of boys and girls and their parents in 1874 in Central Kentucky.

Real U.S. Secret Service agent Roy Bauer investigated the Klan at the request of the U.S. Justice Department. In the process of his investigation he watched them murder Walker, a man whom he admired. The outcome of the murder caused the Federal Army to clash with the Kentucky Militia, almost sparking another edition of the Civil War.

While infiltrating the Klan, Roy met Sheba, the pretty but mysterious young woman who seemed to be wherever Roy is.

During the investigation, Roy, a Bavarian immigrant, learned about himself, about his new country, and about the mysterious Sheba. And he got a graduate course in revenge.

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